Sexual Assault Assistance

We have been meeting with sexual assault advocates, victim’s services and law enforcement in Tucson and Pima County to help sex workers who are assaulted by clients.

If you are assaulted by a client (or anyone):

1. A SWOP member will go with you to report the crime. Email:

2. SACASA (the Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault) will appoint a specially trained, sex worker friendly advocate to assist you.

3. You are given the option to report or NOT report the crime. In either instance you can have evidence gathered via a “rape kit” and that evidence can be saved for up to a year while you decide whether or not to press charges.

4. You are never required to speak to law enforcement. And if you choose to speak to law enforcement, you can terminate the interview at any time.

5. You will not be charged with an offense because you were assaulted in the context of work.

6. The client need not leave semen – saliva and sweat are abundant sources of DNA, so it is important that you go to a hospital asap.  TMC is the first choice but if you’re injured visit the nearest hospital.

7. Rape is any penetration including oral sex. Vaginal penetration only has to go past the labia.

8. Even if you decline to pursue charges, having a rape kit and a report of the incident may help insure a successful prosecution for another victim.

  • SWOP-Tucson is a chapter of SWOP-USA.

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